Transport departure times:

All girls must use Headington School Transport.
J16s and J18s depart with RMD at 6:30am.
J15s depart with PB at 8:30am.
J14s depart with Charlton bus (CJ) at 11:00am.

A Charlton bus will return senior girls following racing while a Headington Mini bus will return J14s following racing. Should any girls wish to go back with their parents, they must inform Mr Demaine via email prior to the event.  


A marquee will be at the course for rowers and supporters. Please can parents help with putting the marquee up and taking it back down following racing. The marquee which can be found approximately 100 to 250m from the finish (Depends where the organisers allow us to have a marquee). This will be the innitial meeting place. However, IT IS THE GIRLS RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THEY MEET AT THE TRAILER FOR RIGGING AND PRE RACE CHATS/ WARM-UPS AT LEAST 10min PRIOR THE MEETING TIME!

Race Timings: Please see the section concerning your squad for timings and information:


09:36: J16 4x boating for division 1: Crew 23.
Race at 10:00.

10:15: J18 4x boating for Division 2 crew 45 and crew 60.
Race: 10:45.

11:53: 4x+ Boating for division 4: crew 113 and 138.
Race starts at 12:00.

2:19: 8x+ Boating for division 6: crew 209.
2:35: 4x+ Boating for division 6: crew 225.
Race division starts at 14:39.


6:30: J16s and J18s depart using School Bus: STAFF: RMD and CH.
7:45: J16s and J18s arrive at Dorney lake and Rig.

8:30: J16s and J18s complete rigging. J15s depart from Headley way: School Mini Bus: PB & KW.
8:45: J16s and J18s Change into race kit.
9:00: J16s Pre race talk and warm up (NB as there is not much water time to warm up),
09:45 J18s Pre race talk and warm up (NB as there is not much water time to warm up)

9:30: Hands on (J16s).
9:36: Boating (J16s).
10:00: Race (J16s).

10:10: Hands on (J18s).
10:15: Boating (J18s).
10:45: Race (J18s).

Following racing, J16s and J18s are expected to return to school for lessons. You should be back within an hour of de-rigging. The school will be notified when you will return and when you are expected back in classes.

11:00: J14s depart using CHARLTON BUS from Headley Way. STAFF: CJ. Do not be late.
11:45: J14s and Arrive at Dorney Lake.
11:50: J14s Rig boats.

11:30: J15s pre race chat and warm-up.
11:53 J15s A crew boats and 12:05 for B crew boating.
12:00 J15s Race division starts (They are towards the back of the division).

14:00: J14s pre race chat and warm-up.
14:23: J14s 8x+ and J14 4x+ Boat.
14:39: J14s 8x+ Race.

15:30: Off the water. Change into dry kit.
15:35: De Rig and Load trailer.
16:00: Depart from the Lake.
17:30: Arrive back in Oxford.

Emergency Proceedure:

If in the unlikely event of a problem, girls but speak to their head of squad who will pass this information onto me.

Equipment checks:

As per instructed at rowing, girls are responsible for their own equiment. They must check their own hatch cover, bow ball, heal restraint, riggers and blades before boating. This is not the coaches responsibility!

Race and marshalling instructions:

All girls are to read the race regualtions and marshalling instructions. It is your responsibility to check that you know where you need to be in terms of circulation. You will not have a coach on the water with you! See the this link: