Dear Parents and Athletes,

Here are a few minor notes that you will need to know when planning your rowing camp.


Meeting at Headley Way at no later than 3:45am. DO NOT BE LATE! Remember your passport and your European Health Insurance Card. These need to be handed to CM before you get onto the bus.

In terms of preparation for an early departure, please make sure you start getting up earlier in the morning and going to bed earlier in the evening:

Tuesday: 8pm bed. Wednesday: Wake up at 7am, with a 7pm bed time. We will have the remainder of the rowing trails soon after arriving in France. So if you are tired, that is your fault. Part of rowing is having the discipline to prepare for race days. National Schools will be similar!


The weather forecast is NOT great! You will need wet weather and warm kit!

A reminder that you have a limit of 20kgs. If you are over, YOU pay or chose to leave kit at the airport! If you are concerned that your home scales may not be correct, then pack 18kgs.

Hand Luggage: ONE BAG ONLY

one piece of hand luggage to maximum dimensions of 56x45x25cm

Important Information Update: A ladies hand bag or laptop case is counted as one piece of hand baggage and no other hand baggage will be allowed onboard

If you exceed your allowance, you are required to check additional and / or oversized bag(s) into the hold at check-in or at the gate. You will be charged a fee of £18 (current standard airport charge) per item at the boarding gate prior to boarding the aircraft.

You will need to bring some warm kit. The weather forecast is good for the first half of camp, but it might not stay like that.

Ensure that you have a way of washing your lycra!!

YOU DONT NEED MAKEUP! It is a training camp, not fashion week and certainly not date camp! Don’t even think about it! If you wear make up, you will be told to wash it off.


A reminder that we are half way through the selection process. Those who win seat races and rank highly in the doubles matrix will make crews. The key is to make slower boats move faster by:

1) Rowing well and working hard!

2) Setting the boat up (rowing together) and allowing others to race better with the platform you have set up.

3) Every race is YOUR seat race. You can not hide. Coaches dont miss a thing and races give us a cumulative time for each and every athlete.

4) Your boat might be behind, but you can still win your race (simply by making it go faster than it was going before you changed into the boat / before you were changed out of the boat).

5) Most of all, enjoy your racing.

Look after yourself:

You will be doing approximately 3 weeks of training in one week. Make sure you:

1) Keep hydrated.
2) Eat well. Protein is essential / or some other supplement for protein. If you are a vegetarian, make sure you bring a supplement for this. Carbohydrates are important so keep topping these levels up between / during sessions.
3) Sun screen:
4) Rest between session.
5) Don’t stay up late! It will wreck the following day and you wont be able to recover.
6) BRING WORK. There are supervised revision slots!


You will be doing work on rowing camp. All those in J15 up should bring work with them! An ordered work life will make your summers racing less stressful.

Medical Kit:

Every girl will need a simple firt aid kit: i.e. paracetamol, ibuprofen, plasters, tape and other things for blisters and perhaps an antihistamine.

All the girls with declared Asthma need to ensure they are using their medication as prescribed if they use a steriod inhaler prior to camp and bring all the inhalers and a spacer to camp with them.

Anyone with hayfever need their regular antihistamine with them plus any other medication they use.

Girls with any serious allergies who carry an Epipen need to check it is in date and have it with them on camp.