Notices: Seniors

Dear Parents,

1 :: Training: Remainder of this week:

Friday 16th: OFF
Saturday 17th: 8-12pm River
Sunday 18th: 8-12pm River

2 :: Training: Week starting Mon 19th March ’12.

Transport departure times:

All girls must use Headington School Transport.
J16s and J18s depart with RMD at 6:30am.
J15s depart with PB at 8:30am.
J14s depart with Charlton bus (CJ) at 11:00am.

Plans for Thursday the 15th March:
1st Eight: 6:00 to 7:15 session. CM to pick up girls 5:50.
1st Quad: 6:30 to 7:30 session. Mini Bus from school departs at 6:20am.

Women's Head awards:
Depart at 5pm. Awards start at 19:30.
Smart casual kit.


All girls, parents and friends of HSOBC, please support this event.

Dear Parents,

HSOBC Kit: J13 to Seniors can now order kit as the Crew Room's Team room is now open. As the crew room has lead times for kit delivery, the Crew Room has given us a notice as to how long the team room is open for. The Team Room will be close at 12 noon on the 19th of March 2012.

Training: Week starting Mon 05th March ’12.

Monday 05th: Hut 4pm to 6pm.
Tuesday 06th: River: 4pm to 6:30pm.
Wednesday 07th: Hut. 4pm - 6pm
Thurdays 08th: 4-6pm: River session: 4pm to 6:30pm.
Friday 09th: OFF
Sat 10th: 8-12pm River
Sunday 11th: 8-12pm River

Dear Parents and Rowers,

Due to it now being light enough to row in the evenings, the summer timetable  (5th March).

J14s to J15s & Development: Water sessions are 4pm to 6pm.
Seniors (1st and 2nd eight): 4pm to 6:30pm.

Rowing calendar updates

Women's Head:
Racing starts at 11:00am.

6:00am: Depart Headington.
7:00am: Arrive at Imperial College.
8:00am: Pre race row.
8:45am: off.

1 :: Fashion Show: 10th March '12.

Dear Parents,