Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please note that trailer loading for Blenheim Palace Junior Regatta is taking place on Friday 8th June 2018 at Godstow from 4pm to 6pm (this is in place of the normal gym session). There will be a bus departing as normal after school from Headley Way to take the girls down to the river. It is very important that your daughter attends trailer loading if she is racing on Saturday, it is not fair to expect other girls to do the work that should be shared by all those racing at the regatta.

Arrangements for Blenheim Palace Junior Regatta - Saturday 9th June 2018


The preliminary draw can be downloaded from the event website


The bus will depart at 8:00am at the latest. Please meet outside the school gate on Headley Way at 7:50am. Please note that there are boarders and girls who may be sleeping. The girls MUST NOT MAKE ANY NOISE outside the boarding house but rather wait outside the gate.  All girls must use school transport on the way to the regatta unless she has been given permission to meet the group at the event by the Head of Rowing. Transport will be available back from Blenheim at the end of the days racing, if your daughter will need to use school transport at the end of the day please ensure that she lets her coach know this upon arrival in the morning of the race.

Itinerary: Blenheim Palace Junior Regatta - Saturday 9th June 2018

Please note that it is the girls responsibility that they follow the coaches instructions and the timings below.

07:50: Meet at Headley Way

08:00: Bus departs Headley Way

08:40: Arrive at Blenheim

09:00-09:45: Rig boats

10:30: First scheduled HSOBC race (WJ12 1x A Heat 1)

Racing will continue throughout the day over two division. The girls will be told their racing crews over thr course of the week prior to the regatta

The final possible race involving Headington is scheduled at 18:00 (WJ13 1x Final)

De-rigging and trailer loading will take place throughout the day as and when boats are finnished being used (all girls who race during the day must help de-rig and load the trailer). No girl may depart before their boat, blades and riggers are loaded onto the trailer and their coach has given them permission to depart.

Kit and Food

Please ensure that you have:

- Water bottles with electrolyte replacement fluid.

- Food.

- A good breakfast before you depart (eg: Poridge, toast and a banana).
- Post Race: Make sure you have food for after each race; pasta, a banana / fruit, a cereal bar.

- Kit: You will need a change of kit for after your races. Make sure you have enough warm kit for when you are sitting around even if it means you bring a blanket down.

Sun screen and a hat


Please ensure that all girls racing have read the Instrucitons to Athletes document and looked at the site map on the event website

The welfare policy and safety plan & risk assessments can also be found on the regatta website.


Access to the site will be from the gate into Blenheim Palace off the A44 Oxford- Woodstock Road. Coming SOUTH from Oxford this will be seen on the left shortly after passing the speed camera and before you enter Woodstock. Coming NORTH from Stratford, pass right through Woodstock on the A44, The entrance will be clearly signed on the right.

Each athlete and coach will receive a pass taking the form of a wrist band which is not transferrable. Wrists bands must be worn at all times.

All others spectators attending the Regatta are required to register for free-of-charge entry to the Blenheim Park and Gardens. Any Regatta attendant not in possession of a wristband or free-ofcharge event ticket will be required to pay for entry. A link for spectator registration can be found here.


Blenheim Palace



OX20 1PP