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Final arrangements for the National Schools Regatta:

The National Schools Draw can now be found on the event website.

Please ensure that your daughter has read the Regatta Circular

Training arrangements

Wednesday 23rd May: will be trailer loading so that the trailer can be taken to Dorney on the Thursday morning. If your daughter is racing over the weekend she must attend trailer loading.

Thursday 24th May: for those racing on Friday (J14s and J15 quad) training on Thursday will be at the school gym and  will finish at 4:40pm after a short session and talk over the racing the following day. Those racing on Saturday and/or Sunday will have a sesison in the school gym until 6pm.


- All those racing on Friday: Depart on Friday at 6am from Headley Way, please meet at 5:50 so that the bus can depart on time.

- J15s to Seniors not racing on the Friday: Depart at 4pm on Friday from Headley Way. Please pack a snack for the trip (no junk foods).

- Those racing on Sunday but not Saturday are not staying at the hotel on Friday night unless this has been specifically arranged with the head of rowing. Please ensure that your daughter is at Dorney by 4pm on Saturday to join up with the group, if you need a lift for your daughter on Saturday please try and make arrangements for a lift with another parents

At the end of the days racing please make sure that your daughter has signed off with their coach before they leave. All their equipment has to be de-rigged and loaded onto the trailer before they can depart.

There will be no school transport back from Dorney on Saturday as all coaches need to stay to supervise the girls who are racing. However, there will be school transport available back to Headington on the Friday and Sunday evenings after racing has finished. 


Friday 25th May 2018:

05:50 - J14 sqaud and J15 quad meet at Headley Way

06:00 - Bus departs Headley Way

07:00 - Arrive at Dorney and rig boats

10:00 - First HSOBC race (WJ14 4x+ time trial)

12:50 - Girls racing on Saturday meet at Headley Way

13:00 - Bus departs Headley Way

14:00 - Arrive at Dorney and rig boats

16:48 - Last possible HSOBC race (WJ14 G8x+ Final A)

Trailer loading will be going on all day, no girl may depart until all of their equipment has been loaded onto the trailers and their coach has said that they may leave.

18:00 Supper for those racing on Saturday.

from 18:30 - travel to Hotel

Saturday 26th May 2018:

08:28 - First HSOBC race (WJ16 8+ time trial)

18:48 - Last possible HSOBC race (Ch G8+ Final A)

Trailer loading will be going on all day, no girl may depart until all of their equipment has been loaded onto the trailers and their coach has said that they may leave.

19:30 - Supper

from 20:30 - travel to Hotel

Sunday 27th May 2018:

08:16 - First HSOBC race (WJ16 4x time trial)

17:44 - Last possible HSOBC race (Ch G4x Final A)

Trailer loading will be going on all day, no girl may depart until all of their equipment has been loaded onto the trailers and their coach has said that they may leave.


- The event is being held at the Dorney Lake:

Dorney Lake

Off Court Lane




The car park will cost £20 per car per day.

- The group are staying at the Travelodge Heathrow T5

Travelodge Heathrow Terminal 5

calder Way

Horton Road



Tel: 0871 984 6353


Our marquee will be on the north side of the lake on pitch 4 (near the finish line)

The captain's parents have been in contact with you about food and drinks for the event. Please do not send these in the bus with your daughters as there is limited space.

A few points for parents

- Please refrain from talking about results with the girls. The focus of the event is ensuring that girls go out and have a good performance when racing. Good performance = good result. If the girls are too focused on a getting a medal they forget that a medal comes from a good performance.

- Only coaches should hand out times for the processional and the semi finals. Parents should not discuss times (Processional / Semi Finals) with their daughters. It mixes up the messages and the girls get the wrong ideas as to what to do / expect.

- Please do not have the girls walking to the cars to collect things as they need to be where the coaches expect them to be. They are also there to race so they will need to stay off their feet (A somewhat difficult task at times with all the excitement of the event).

- Parents are not allowed to cycle with races under any circumstances and this can result in a crew being disqualified if they do so.

- Please do not ask for your daughter to leave before their boats are on the trailer. No girl will be allowed to depart before all the equipment is on the trailer. 

I hope that you and your daughter enjoy this great regatta, as you know, your daughters have worked incredibly hard to compete at this national event and I am very impressed with how the girls have worked and trained this year.  This is an extremely competitive event with several thousand competitors racing over the three days. For girls to make the Semi Finals or minor finals it will be an amazing accomplishment, let alone making an A-Final. As always the club will aim for the best performance!

I look forward to seeing you over the weekend.

Kind regards,

Chris Hermes