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Dear Parents and Athletes,

The Peterborough Junior Championships is taking place this Saturday 24th June 2017 and is one of the major races of our calendar for the junior year groups. Headington has put a strong entry in this year for what promices to be a day of high quality racing for the J13 and J14 rowing squads.

Arrangements for the Peterborough Junior Championships - Saturday 24th June 2017

Trailer Loading:

Trailer loading for Peterborough will take place on the following days for the J13s and J14s respectively:

J13s: Friday 24th June 2016 - As before Blenheim Regatta, a bus will depart Headley Way as with a normal weekday river session

J14s: Thursday 23rd June 2016 - A bus will depart the school gym at 4:05pm

If your daughter requires transport back to school on either of these days please inform the Head of Rowing so necessary arrangements can be made.


The race schedule and draw can be found on the Peterborough Junior Championship website.


The bus will depart at 6:30am at the latest. Please meet outside the school gate on Headley Way at 6:20am. Please note that there are boarders and girls who may be sleeping. YOU MUST NOT MAKE ANY NOISE outside the boarding house but rather wait outside the gate. Transport is available back from Peterborough at the end of the day for those who need it.

If your daughter is NOT racing until later in the day then she may travel to the venue with parents. If you are planning on doing this please let your daughters coach know through your year reps and ensure that your daughter arrives no later than 2 hours before their earliest race time.

Itinerary: Peterborough Junior Championships

Please note that it is the girls responsibility that they follow the coaches instructions and the timings below. Please note that once you boat, you may have a wait on the water before you race so ensure you have had a loo stop prior to racing.

06:20: Meet at Headley Way

06:30: Bus departs Headley Way

08:30: Arrive at Peterborough

08:45-09:30: Rig boats

10:24: First scheduled HSOBC race (WJ14 1x Heat)

The final possible race involving Headington is scheduled at 19:00 (WJ14 8x+ Final)

De-rigging and trailer loading will take place throughout the day as and when boats are finnished being used (all girls who race during the day must help de-rig and load the trailer). No girl may depart before the trailer has been fully loaded and their coach has given them permission to depart.

Approximately 19:45: Depart Peterborough (once trailer is fully loaded so could be later/earlier)

Kit and Food

Please ensure that you have:

- Water bottles with electrolyte replacement fluid.

- Food.

- A good breakfast before you depart (eg: Poridge, toast and a banana).
- Post Race: Make sure you have food for after each race; pasta, a banana / fruit, a cereal bar.

- Kit: You will need a change of kit for after your races. Make sure you have enough warm kit for when you are sitting around even if it means you bring a blanket down.It may be cold so please come prepared!

Parking and Spectating:

I cannot find information regarding parking on the event website but in previous years there has been parking on the regatta site for a fee.

Refreshments will be on sale outside the boathouse on the regatta site.

There will be a Headignton School gazebo available for parents to use on the day. Please can parents help to erect the gazebo alongside the course in the morning.


Peterborough City Rowing Club

Thorpe Meadows