Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Arrangements for Wallingford Regatta - Sunday 6th May 2018


The race schedule can be found on the Wallingford Regatta website, the full draw is due to be published later this week on the same page.


The bus will depart at 7:20am from the School Gym. Please meet at the designated departure location 10 minutes before the departure time. Please note that there are boarders and girls who may be sleeping. YOU MUST NOT MAKE ANY NOISE outside the boarding houses. Transport is available back from Dorney after racing is finished.

If your daughter is racing in the second division ONLY then she may travel to the venue with parents meeting the group at Dorney at a time set by the Head of Rowing. If you are planning on doing this please let the head of rowing know by Friday evening

Itinerary: Wallingford Regatta

Please note that it is the girls responsibility that they follow the coaches instructions and the timings below.

07:10: Meet at School gym

07:20: Bus departs School gym

08:20: Arrive at Dorney

from 08:30: Rig boats and begin race prep


10:06 or 10:12: First scheduled HSOBC race (W Club 8+ Heat)

The final possible race involving Headington is scheduled at 18:48 (W School 4x- Final)

De-rigging and trailer loading will take place throughout the day as and when boats are finnished being used (all girls who race during the day must help de-rig and load the trailer). No girl may depart before their boat, blades and riggers are loaded onto the trailer and their coach has given them permission to depart.

Kit and Food

Please ensure that you have:

- Water bottles with electrolyte replacement fluid.

- Food.

- A good breakfast before you depart (eg: Poridge, toast and a banana).
- Post Race: Make sure you have food for after each race; pasta, a banana / fruit, a cereal bar.

- Kit: You will need a change of kit for after your races. Make sure you have enough warm kit for when you are sitting around even if it means you bring a blanket down.It may be cold and rainy so please come prepared!

If you have any questions regarding race nutrition and hydration your daughter should speak with their coach.


Please ensure that all girls racing have read the Competitors Instrucitons and Multi-Lane Stakeboat Instructions documents and inspected the course map and circulation pattern.

The Safety Plan, Risk Assessment and Welfare Plan can also be found on the regatta website.


Races can be viewed along the full length of the course on the same side of the lake as the gazebo and trade stands. No parents are to follow races by bicycle or to access the start tower island (where coaches cycle with races). Parents are also not to enter the trailer park and boat racking area.

Our crews can be disqualified if parents breach these rules. Please do not be offended if a coach tells you to stop following a race or to move away from a prohibited area.

Please do not discuss race results with your daughter or any other rower during the regatta, this is for the Headington coaches to do and comments from parents (however well meaning) can hinder subsequent performances.


Spectator parking is available on site, you will be directed to the parking locations by event stewards upon arrival. Please see the car parking map for more information. There will be a charge of £10 per car for parking.


There will he a Headington gazebo on site, the car parking map details the spectators marquee locations. Marquee spaces on the day are filled on a first come first served basis, the coaches will drop off the marquee at the pitch sites as soon as they arrive in the morning.

Please note that Dorney lake does not allow Barbeques and there is also no parking allowed in the Gazebo and Marquee areas.


Dorney Lake

Off Court Lane