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Policies & Documents

Water Safety

The HSOBC water safety code has been written in conjunction with British Rowing 'RowSafe' policy and the Thames Regional Rowing Council best practices. All coaches, staff and pupils part of Headington School Oxford Boat Club must abide by the HSOBC water safety guidelines. If a HSOBC crew is rowing on the Tideway, all crews are under the jurisdiction of the Port of London Authority (PLA) and are to abide by their water safety codes.


The most important water safety rule of rowing is; If you fall into the water, always stay with your boat. If it is unbearably cold then get on top of the overturned boat.

The Water Safety Officer for HSOBC is Christopher Hermes (Head of Rowing)

The following British Rowing water/rowing safety documents may be useful:

Risk Assessments

The following risk assessments are in place and cover rowing activities at Headington School Oxford:



HSOBC follows the British Rowing Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy and is subject to the Headington School Oxford safeguarding policy. All rowing staff undergo an advanced Criminal Record Check (CRC) and recieve regular child welfare and protection training. Any Headington students who row for or train with the GB junior rowing team will only be coached by those who have undertaken an advanced CRC through British Rowing.


The following guidance from British Rowing regarding anti-doping is very informative: 


British Rowing: Anti-Doping guidance

Rowers should not self medicate without first consulting a doctor and notifying their rowing coach and/or someone on the GB Rowing pathway.


Please be aware that ALL members of British Rowing are subject to testing by UK Anti-Doping.

HSOBC Selection Policy and Codes of Conduct

All registered parents receive a copy of the HSOBC selection policy and codes of conduct during the sign up process. If you would like a copy please contact the Head of Rowing by email (contact details below)

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