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The Broadhurst Collins Rowing Award

Headington School Oxford Boat Club are looking to recruit promising young athletes to join the school in the next academic year under the Broadhurst Collins Rowing Award. This scholarship has been founded to allow students who would otherwise be unable to afford to join an independent school access to the incredible academic and rowing programmes that Headington School Oxford has to offer. Rowing scholarships are available for prospective 6th form students, with successful applicants receiving a means tested bursary of up to 100% of day and boarding fees.

Headington School provides an incredible opportunity for those who want to combine their rowing and academic experience as athlete-scholars. A large proportion of our Boat Club leavers target Oxbridge, Russell Group Universities, Ivy League Universities or attend universities in the USA on full scholarships. Pupils have full flexibility in their subject choice where any combination of subjects offered at A-Level (30 different options) are timtabled around the pupils' needs. 

The Boat Club has seen over 120 girls represent Great Britain with a Headingtonian representing Great Britain at each of the last 4 Olympic Games. While this is an impressive achievement, the Boat Club prides itself on our ethos of “Good people make great teams”, where the culture of being part of a supportive community that taylors individual support and access to opportunities is paramount. As such the Boat Club is one of the most successful Girls Schools rowign schools at the National Schools Regatta recording 83 medals across all age groups in the last 10 years.

The School has a new Boat House; a high performance gym and ergo room as well as 8 highly qualified coaches where girls receive personalised support and programming to support their development into elite junior athletes. Academic support is provided to ensure that girls girls achieve excellent A-Level results. 

Headington encourages girls to apply if they have high aspirations in their accademics and rowing.

To apply:

Please register with our admissions team

All candidates applying for the Award must be registered and sit the application process, together with a formal assessment and interview to demonstrate if they would benefit from this opportunity at Headington School. 

For 16+ applications, candidates are encouraged to apply early in the accademic year. 

For more information, please see the following information about the Special Awards programme

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