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GB Early ID Trials 2022

On Saturday 12th November, 5 Headington athletes travelled up to Boston, Lincolnshire for the first of many GB trials for the ‘22-‘23 season. Having qualified through the completion of a r24 2km ergo, 3 rowers accompanied by 2 coxes raced down the 5,000m course in singles to show their speed against the rest of the country. With the course comprising of two straights connected by one large bend, the focus fell on steering well and maintaining a consistent pace down the course. With a rate cap equal across both men and women of 28, all athletes attacked the race despite the growing wind speeds.

Out of 99 girls, Helena achieved a top 15 place, coming in at 14th, Maggie achieved 45th and Emma came in at 88th.

A big thankyou to Ali and Sophie who came along as coxes to help the girls racing, as well as lend a hand in the running of the event. For Emma and Ali it was their first time at GB Trials and it will be exciting to see all 5 girls continue their journey through the trials process this season.

All girls, and a few others, will be returning to Boston in February, following a 5k ergo test to compete over a weekend in the second set of GB trials this season. With both a single and a pair or doubles race to contend with down the 5k stretch in Lincolnshire.

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