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HSOBC GB International Representation

GB International Representation

There were 4 girls selected to attend the final crew formations for GB. Issie, Amelia, Maggie and finally Sophie being tried for coxing . The first trials of the year were Early IDs where 5 girls had to perform a single time trial over the

course of 5k at Boston. Unfortunately later on in the season Amelia came down with a rib injury pulling her out for the rest of the season. The second set of trials were the same as early IDs however it was cancelled this year due to terrible weather. This year only Issie was selected to attend Spring assessments due to injuries of other trialists from Headington however this led to Issie being selected to attend the first lot of final crew formations in which she was selected to race at Met in the W2-. Finally all of this trials process led to all 4 girls being selected to attend Final crew formations. After plenty of seat racing and pairs matrices, Issie was selected to row in the W4- for the World Junior Championships with Sophie coxing the W8+ for GB. The remaining two girls Amelia was selected to row in the W4- at Coupe de la Jeunesse and Maggie selected to row in the W8+ for GB as well.

Coupe de la Jeunesse

Coupe de la Jeunesse was held in Castrelo de Mino in Spain where 2 girls from Headington were selected to race. Amelia and Maggie. Amelia was selected to stroke and steer in the W4- event. With winning both her heats on the Saturday and Sunday, the other teams came out much stronger in the final placing overall 5th. Maggie was selected to row in the 4 seat of the W8+ winning both her heats and both her finals coming home with two shiny gold medals! With the GB squad all winning medals apart from the W4- event and the M4x GB won both the boys event and the girls event therefore winning the overall event.

World Rowing U19 Championships

World Rowing U19 Championships was held in Varese in Italy which 2 girls from Headington were selected to row at. Issie and Sophie (coxing). Issie was selected to row in the 3 seat of the U19 W4- event. With coming 3rd in her heat and then coming 1st in the rep which determined whether she would get through to the A final, she overall placed 6th in the Final. Sophie was selected to cox the U19 W8+. With winning her heat and taking her straight to the A final her and her boat placing 2nd overall. Great Britain placed 5th bringing home 4 medals, 1 gold, 2 silvers and 1 bronze.

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