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HSOBC Rowing Camp 2023

HSOBC’s annual camp was finally back after Covid and over the Easter holidays 30 seniors, J16’s and Coaches travelled to Le Temple-Sur-Lot for a 10 day intensive camp. Despite a few setbacks, with the J14 and J15 flights being cancelled, the girls had an amazing time travelling across to France and taking part in many of the traditions missed out on over the years. The group completed 3 sessions a day with a mix of water and land-based training to accommodate a range of stimuli. A highlight of this was, of course, the long row in which the 1st 8+ rowed the 14km up to a cafe to get pastries before completing a time trial back down to the centre with the 2nd 8+ joining in with 8km to go.

Rowing camp cannot be all work and no play and so, on Good Friday, the girls dressed up for ‘Rhyme without Reason’ playing mafia and followed by an Easter egg hunt around the castle in search of the coveted unicorn which, of course, was not actually hidden. The finale of the camp was the 2 days of 1km time trials in 8’s which saw both the 1st and 2nd 8+ competing for the highest percentages over the 4 trials.

Overall camp was an incredible and much needed 10 days to start the summer season off and the girls, and coaches, all were thrilled to be back in France. A massive thank you to Ryan, Chris, Helen, Euan, and Lorna for such an amazing trip.

by Ali & Mia

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