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Maidenhead Junior Regatta: Sunday 19th May 2024

Dear Parents and Athletes,

Maidenhead Junior Regatta is being run upstream on the River Thames at Maidenhead Rowing Club. Headington have entered crews in the J13 and j14 coxed quad events. Please note the racing is taking place throughout the day and school transport is available to all girls if needed (see transport section below for timings and information) or if you wish to drop your daughter off at the race venue please let the head of rowing know by email ( so we know not to expect them on the bus.

If dropping your daughter off please ensure she has liaised with her coach regarding when she should arrive at the venue for her race. Rower drop off and/or pick up is at Maidenhead Rowing Club (address below),


The race site / drop off address is:

Maidenhead Rowing Club

Bridge Boat House

River Road




The Draw:

The draw and timetable can be found on the event website. The girl's crews will be confirmed early this week (if they have not been already).

 If your daughter is down to race but is in fact now unavailable please let me know as soon as possible. Similarly if your daughter is injured or ill and unable to compete please let me know as soon as possible.


Please meet outside the school gym at 6:30am.

Please note that there are boarders and girls who may be sleeping during the morning departures. The ROWERS MUST NOT MAKE ANY NOISE while waiting outside the boarding house. Transport will be available back from Maidenhead to school for all rowers who require it. If being collected by parents after racing; no girls may depart the event until the trailer has been fully loaded and/or they have been dismissed by their coach.

Itinerary: Maidenhead Junior Regatta - Sunday 19th May 2024

Please note that there are many girls racing and that it is their responsibility that they follow the coaches instructions and the timings below.

06:30: Meet outside school gym

06:40: Bus departs from Headington.

07:30: Bus arrives at venue - begin rigging boats

08:30 - 08:38: earliest possible J14 races

09:06 - 09:10: earliest possible J13 races

HSOBC crews will continue to race throughout the day

14:28 Last possible J13 race (WJ13A 4x+ final)

15:22: Last possible J14 race (WJ14A 4x+ final)

Boats will be derigged and loaded onto the trailer throughout the day as racing continues and they are no longer needed.

No girl may depart before their boat and blades have been fully loaded onto the trailer and/or they have been dismissed by their coaches.

1800: Approximate return time to Headington - the girls will be able to contact parents when we are departing Maidenhead)

Food and Drink

The girls will need:

- A Large reusable water bottle (1L) with electrolyte replacement fluid.

- Food - appropriate for race day, if you are not sure what to bring please have the girls ask their coaches

- A good breakfast before departing (eg: Porridge, toast and a banana).

- A snack for after each set of races (if doing more than 1). If not sure what to bring; your daughter's coach can advise her.


The J13 girls will be required to race in a HSOBC lycra and a white t-shirt, in the event of wet or cold weather the girls may wear HSOBC leggings, long sleeves and splash jackets.

Please ensure your child has enough warm and dry clothes to change into if the weather decides to not be in our favour.


The event organisers have produced a helpful spectators guide, directions for parking info sheet and a site plan. Please ensure that you have read these documents as they provide a lot on information about how the event works and what amenities are available.

Please do not park on River Road, Ellington Road or Mill Lane.

There is excellent viewing of the racing on the grassy bank below the railway bridge downstream of the rowing club. There will be a HSOBC gazebo available to parents to put up and meeting location on the river bank.

Policies and Documents

The following documents should be read/reviewed by all girls competing this weekend:

Any other safety documentation including risk assessments, welfare policy for the event can be found on the event website.

If there are any changes to the information provided above I will email them to parents with as much notice as possible.

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