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Quintin Head: Sunday 29th January 2023

Dear Parents and Athletes,

Quintin Head is run over approximately 4600m with the tide on the River Thames from Chiswick Bridge to Harrods Warf (downstream of Hammersmith Bridge). Headington have entered three crews to race at this event.

Please note that all girls should use school transport to get to the event unless she has permission via email from the Head of Rowing to meet us at the event, if dropping your daughter off please ensure that she is there no later than; 8:00am. Athletes are responsible for finding out from their coaches where and when they need to meet on the day of the race if travelling separately from their team.


Headington have been given permission to boat before the race from the Emanuel School boathouse which is just downstream of Barnes Bridge, the address is as follows:

Emanuel School Boat Club

The Promenade


W4 2SH

There is no access for parents to the boathouse and there is no parking in or around the boat house. Please refer to the 'spectators' section below for the best spectator viewing options.

The Draw:

The draw can be found on the event website.

The Headington crew lineups have been confirmed with the girls this week. Any girls recovering from injury or illness will not race.

Rowing will take place from 8am to 12pm on Sunday for those who are not racing at Quintin.


The bus to the event will depart at 6:30am at the latest. Please meet outside the school gym at 6:20am.

Please note that there are boarders who may be sleeping. The ROWERS MUST NOT MAKE ANY NOISE while waiting outside the school gym.

Transport is available back from Quintin to school for all boarders and for any rower unable to be collected from the event. No girls may depart the event until the trailer is fully loaded.

Itinerary: Quintin Head - 29th January 2023

Please note that there are many girls racing and that it is their responsibility that they follow the coaches instructions and the timings below. Also, once the girls boat they may have to wait on the water before racing so they will need to make sure to have had a loo stop prior to racing and all rowers should have adequate warm rowing kit available to wear on top of their racing kit.

06:20: Meet outside school gym

06:30: Bus departs from Headington.

08:00: Bus arrives at Emmanuel - begin rigging boats

09:00: Dressed and ready for pre-race chat at the trailer. Warm up then boat.

Please note: rowers are responsible for ensuring that they have boated in good time, rowers need to have inspected the draw and made note of boating and marshalling times. Crews that are late may not be allowed to race. I have instructed coaches that under no circumstances are they to chase girls to get boated.

by 10:15: In marshalling area (warm kit is needed as rowers may be there for a while)

10:30: Approximate start time: it could be earlier so rowers are to row straight to the start.

After the race any breakages or other equipment issues should be reported to the coaches immediately.

from 12:30: De-Rig and load trailer - No girl may depart before the trailer is fully loaded.

Kit and Food

The girls will need:

- Water bottles with electrolyte replacement fluid.

- Food - appropriate for race day, if you are not sure what to bring please have the girls ask their coaches

- A good breakfast before departing (eg: Porridge, toast and a banana).

- Make sure to have a meal for after the race, such as pasta and banana / fruit and some food for the journey home.

- Kit: It will be cold and possibly wet so training and racing kit will be needed.

Make sure you have enough warm and waterproof kit for when you are sitting around. Coxes and athletes will not be allowed to boat if they are not properly attired for the weather conditions.

- Wellington boots are required for boating at the Tideway


The best place to view this race is from Hammersmith Bridge which is near the finish and is a short walk from both Putney and Barnes. There is some on street parking and carparks nearby Hammersmith Bridge and there are also some on street parking options nearby the Putney embankment and in Barnes.

The crews are set off approximately every 10 seconds so you can work out a rough start time for the Headington crews based on their crew number as published in the race draw.

Please see the following documents:

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