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Great Britian Early ID Trials 2021

On Saturday 20th of November, four rowers plus a cox qualified to attend the GB Early ID trials in Boston, Lincolnshire. Having met the GB ergo standard to attend the trial, the next step was to race the 5km course in a single scull, along two straight sections of the river that runs through Boston Lincolnshire, with a challenging corner to 2.4km into the race. The trial had a rate cap of 28, which had been moved up from the previous rate of 26 in order to be equal to the boys racing and therefore more comparable.

Out of the 97 under 19 women that competed: Issie came 3rd, Amelia P came 46th, Amelia G came 49th and Maggie came 79th.

A special mention should go to Sophie who was also on hand assisting boating, and the general organisation, which was really appreciated! For three out of the four girls that raced, it was their first GB trial and it was great for them to get that experience ready for the next set of trials.

This was the first of 5 key assessments if they are to represent the GB team in the Summer.

Looking forward for these rowers, the next trial is the 5k ergo and February 5k Water Assessment in the single and also in a double or pair.

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