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Henley Women's Regatta

Henley Women's Regatta is a one of the key summer events for Headington School given the standard of the competition.

J16 4x - The Nina Padwick Trophy

Timestamp for Quarter-Final against Kingston 10:49:30

Timestamp for Semi-Final against Putney High School 4:03:37

B- Lily

2 - Joey

3 - Zara

S - Rowena

The J16 quad, time trialing on the Friday evening, is one of the most competitive events of the season for these young athletes. Out of only 2 categories 16 total crews will make it to the side-by-side racing and our J16 quad did incredibly well placing 2nd in their time trial of 23 crews. They then raced Kingston rowing club in the Saturday quarter finals winning by 1 and ¼ lengths and progressing onto the Sunday semifinals. Sunday's semifinals saw a strong performance again from these J16s putting up a good fight against Putney High with an unfortunate loss of ½ a length but overall a great row from these girls in their last race of the season.

J18 4x - The Bea Langridge Trophy

Timestamp for Heat against Wycliffe A 5:45.30

B - Viole

2 - Ria

3 - Emma

S - Mia

Entered into the Bea Langridge trophy was our Champ Quad looking to test out the Henley course before qualifiers for the Royal. With a solid time trial result putting them through to the first round of heats it was a good start to the competition for these girls. Unfortunately drawn against Wycliffe A, the eventual winners of the Trophy, they had a disappointing heat losing by 3 lengths but still a considerable result from such a young boat with a J15, J16 and 2 J17s against a host of fully senior crews.

J18 4+ - The Groton School Challenge Cup

Timestamp for Heat against Monkton Combe 7:36:26

B - Eveline

2 - Lia Dardis

3 - Lucy

S - Ella

C - Ali

The Groton School Challenge Cup saw our J18 4+ competing in yet another incredibly challenging event at Henley Women's Regatta. Timetrialling on the Saturday morning saw a good progression through to a heat against Monkton Combe School. The girls showed a strong effort with the verdict being 1 ½ lengths and Monkton Combe moving forward onto the next round.

J18 8+ - The Peabody Cup

Timestamp for Heat against Sir William Perkins 8:46:00

Timestamp for Quarter Final against Lady Eleanor Holles 2:47:27

Timestamp for Semi Final against Tideway Scullers School 5:15:42

Timestamp for Final against Henley Rowing Club 8:05:08

B- Alice

2 - Emma

3 - Amelia

4 - Helena

5 - Magdalen

6 - Amelia

7 - Isobel

S - Sophie

C - Sophie

Last but most certainly not least was our 1st 8+ who came off the back of a very convincing win at both National Schools and Wallingford Regatta and were now looking to take their shot at the Henley course in preparation for Henley Royal Regatta. Placing first in their time trial was shortly followed by an equally impressive run of the competition, taking Sir William Perkins by a verdict of ‘Easily’ in the heats. This was followed by a quarter final, the first of 3 races on Sunday, against Lady Eleanor Holles (A) where they secured another win, this time by 1 ¾ lengths. The Semi Final for this eight again proved their strength with a win of a length against Tideway Scullers (A) before the final that evening. Sunday evening saw another persuasive performance against Henley Rowing Club, securing the Peabody Cup and gaining the coveted ‘Purple Box’.

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