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Sabaudia Training Camp Report: October 2023

The October rowing camp in Sabaudia proved to be an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for 45 rowers and 5 dedicated coaches from our team. Embarking on this journey, the adventure kicked off with a walking tour of Rome led by Chris. The group delved into the historical magnificence of Rome, visiting iconic landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi fountain, and, of course, savouring delightful gelato.

Transitioning to Sabaudia, the rowers dived into intensive training, commencing the second day of camp. Fuelled by copious amounts of pasta, the team diligently pursued their goals, engaging in two rigorous training sessions daily. The days were filled with challenging activities, including battle paddling, navigating through unexpected storms, encountering a few capsizes, and even catching a glimpse of a couple of flying fish. The dedication and resilience displayed by the girls were truly commendable.

Amidst the intense training regimen, one evening stood out as the squad embraced a vibrant dress-up night. The highlight of the night was witnessing the coaches' sporting inflatable dinosaur, shark, and unicorn outfits, bringing laughter and camaraderie to the forefront. This light-hearted moment added an extra layer of enjoyment and unity to the overall experience.

In summary, the Sabaudia training camp was nothing short of amazing. It offered not only exceptional training but also delicious and satisfying Italian cuisine and memorable, entertaining evenings with unique costumes. The commitment and effort put in by both rowers and coaches were instrumental in making this camp a resounding success.

A massive thank you extends to Ryan D, Chris, Tom, Ryan S, and Caroline for their outstanding dedication and tireless efforts in orchestrating such a phenomenal camp. A special shout out goes to Ryan S and Tom for their exceptional contribution in managing the transportation logistics, handling the trailer to and from camp.

This camp served as a testament to the resilience and camaraderie of our team, leaving us with cherished memories and a stronger sense of unity as we return to our usual training routines.

  • Ali (Captain of Boats).

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