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HSOBC Saturday Challenge: 25th April 2020

Dear Team HSOBC,

This weekend for the HSOBC Saturday Challenge will be in two parts: the J15-Senior rowers and any parents, staff and alumnae who wish to take part will be competing in the Legacy Virtual Challenge which is a virtual competition run each week by some rowing schools in the US. This is a great chance for the girls to compete for HSOBC and take on their peers in the States.

For the Novice, J13 and J14 rowers we will be running an internal competition to see which year group (parents and siblings included) can cover the most distance running, rowing (ergo), cycling or walking on Saturday.

All rowers should wear HSOBC racing kit this weekend when doing their session and it would be great if parents, siblings or staff can get their hands on any HSOBC kit while taking part too! Any photos would be greatly appreciated; you can send them to me by email or send them via instagram or twitter to @hsobc_rowing. If you cannot head out of the house we would still love to see photos of you and your families supporting HSOBC by getting active at home.

Legacy Virtual Challenge (J15-Seniors)

This weekend the challenge is either 6x500m on the ergo which our (?? minutes rest between each one) or a 5km run recorded on Strava. There are categories for staff and parents, siblings and alumnae as well as for the girls themselves.

The rowers will need to send a picture of their ergo screen or a screenshot of their run time to their coach who will collate their times for submission to the challenge organisers. Any parents, siblings, staff or alumnae who want to take part should send evidence of their time via email ( or via instagram (hsobc_rowing)

We will be completing our ergs and runs on Saturday and the results will be announced by the organisers over the course of Sunday.

Junior Challenge (Novice - J14)

For the Novice, J13 and J14 squads (parents and siblings included) we are going to collate how many meters each squad can cover over the course of Saturday to see which year group can do the most! You can run, erg, cycle or walk to take part.

Please complete the form linked below to submit your meters for the challenge

HSOBC Saturday Challenge - distance log

Government advice and Social Distancing As with the challenge last week; current government rules allow us to head outside for the purposes of exercise once per day but please can I remind everyone that we should only be doing so with members of our own household so please do not meet up with anyone else to undertake this challenge or any other outdoor exercise. If government instructions change with regards outdoor exercise before Saturday please follow them and I will update you if plans for this challenge need to change. I look forward to seeing your photos and social media posts on Saturday (@hsobc_rowing) and let's bring home some wins for Headington this weekend!! If you have any questions please do let me know. Stay safe and healthy Best wishes,

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