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Junior Sculling Regatta 2023

On Monday the 1st of May, HSOBC entered 7 boats from the J14 and J15 into the Junior Sculling Regatta taking place at Dorney Lake.

For the J14s this was their first race of the season and an exciting start to the summer with a quad and an octo racing down the course. The J15s were back for their second day of racing, this time in 3 quads, a double and a single.

A massive well done to the J14 octo and J15 quad who both achieved bronze medals.

The full results are as follows:

  • J14 Octo - Bronze

  • J15 Quad - Bronze

  • J14 quad - 17th

  • J15 quad B - 3rd (C final)

  • J15 double - 5th (B final)

  • J15 single - 6th (A Final)

A big thank you to Sport Focussed who provided these pictures. Please give them a follow.

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