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National Schools Regatta & Junior Sculling Regatta 2021

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

National Schools Regatta was the first race back after the pandemic so it had the added challenge of crews having not raced together or against the competition. Held over Saturday and Sunday, the day started with time trials which lead to finals in the afternoon.

On Saturday the two senior quads both progressed to their respective A finals where the championship quad took bronze and the second quad silver.

On Sunday the J16 quads both progressed to their respective A finals where the A quad came 2nd and the B quad came 3rd. The J18 pair came 9th in the championship pairs event.

Overall, National Schools was a great success, and everyone enjoyed being able to race side by side with other crews again.

National Schools Regatta: Overall Results:

  • 3rd in Championship 4x

  • 2nd in 2nd 4x

  • 2nd J16 4x

  • 3rd J16 2nd 4x

  • 9th in Championship 2-

Junior Sculling Regatta was held on the Monday after the National Schools Regatta and provided the opportunity for the younger squads who were unable to race at national schools to also return to racing.

The J15 quad came 3rd while the J15 double came 2nd. Ela and Emma raced in a single in their respective year groups and both came 8th and gained good experience for the future.

Junior Sculling Regatta: Overall Results

  • WJ15 2x 2nd

  • WJ15 4+ 4th

  • WJ16 1x - Ela Oztoprak 8th

  • WJ15 1x - Emma Swoap 8th

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