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Schools Head of the River & Junior Sculling Head

Schools Head of the River

On Friday the 17th of March, HSOBC entered four girls eights into Schools Head of the River based on the Tideway. In the first event which was the girls championship eights, the girls raced over the course of 6.8km and placed 3rd overall in their event alongside the girls junior second eights placing 3rd as well. The first J15 eight entered into the championship j15 eights placed 3rd as well in their respective event and the 2nd j15 eight managed to win gold in their respective event.

Congratulations to everyone for meddling, all the hard work paid off.

Junior Sculling Head

On the 20th of March a group of HSOBC scullers, ranging from J14s to seniors travelled to Eton Dorney to compete in the Junior Sculling Head. 8 crews were racing with two senior quads, two J16 quads, two J15 octos, a J15 quad and a J14 octo. After racing over the 4k course the girls came away with a great set of results with four of the crews medalling. A special mention goes to the J15 coxed quad who won their category.

The full results were as follows:

- Junior Womens quad - 2nd and 25th

- Womens J16 quad - 3rd and 9th

- Womens J15 octo - 5th and 15th

- Womens J15 coxed quad - 1st

- Womens J14 octo - 2nd

A big well done to everyone who raced and massive thanks to all of the coaches who made this day of racing possible.

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