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Wallingford 4s & 8s Head 2022

Wallingford 4s and 8s took place on the 27th of November. The seniors and the j16s headed down to race in 8s in division 1. Unfortunately due to the stream being too fast, division 2 was cancelled and some of the girls that were meant to be racing later on didn't get the opportunity to compete.

Of those who did get to compete in the morning; the seniors raced in the U23 W8+ placing 1st out of the U20 crews and 3rd overall in this event, claiming a gold medal.

Finally the only other boat that was out on the river in division 1 was the J16 eight which took 2nd place.

Overall a strong performance from Headington at Wallingford 4s and 8s 2022.

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